DENVER, Colo. — Harvest Strategy Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that Rob Yarmo and Jason Nesbit have been named featured speakers at the 2017 National Credit Union Collections Alliance (NCUCA) conference.  The presentation will focus on understanding the considerations associated with developing an effective legal recovery process which also adheres to current regulatory and compliance oversight requirements.  How do credit unions and other financial institutions balance the need to mitigate risk while maximizing net recovery of their charged off portfolios? Many see a litigation strategy as one of the most highly effective and risk-adverse recovery options.

Years of data developed by Harvest Strategy Group support the business case that even in this age of heavy scrutiny and regulatory oversight, an effectively managed litigation strategy with proper controls in place can provide significant incremental revenue while insulating brand risk. This session will explore the processes necessary to select the appropriate accounts for legal, choose the right strategy, and develop a CFPB-friendly audit and oversight program supported by the appropriate documentation necessary to achieve these objectives.

The third annual NCUCA conference is being held at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas from March 15 to 17, 2017.  Join us there for what will be an informative and timely session on the requirements necessary for an effective and fully compliant legal recovery program.

About Harvest Strategy Group

Harvest Strategy Group, Inc. is a recognized leader in national collection solutions that deliver best in class results for their clients, which include leading banks, credit unions, finance companies, debt buyers and medical debt servicers. Utilizing a highly selective national network of collection attorneys and agency partners, HSG’s model is driven by ProScore™, a proprietary legal recovery scoring model. HSG’s account management team work with its recovery partners to ensure zero defect compliance and maximum recoveries are realized.

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About National Credit Union Collections Alliance (NCUCA)

Founded in 2015, the National Credit Union Collections Alliance has become a leading credit union industry organization that focuses on compliance and collections matters.  Our goal is to share best practices and facilitate communication by creating and maintaining a network of credit union professionals that share similar responsibilities in both compliance and collections operations.

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