If you’ve browsed through the Popular section on the WordPress Theme Directory, chances are you’ve seen CyberChimps’ Responsive Theme. It has been on the popular list ever since it was released in 2012 and now has a whopping 90,000+ active installs.

Here’s a quick look at Responsive theme’s journey from a Simple WordPress Theme to a celebrated parent theme.

Responsive Theme's Journey

Responsive Theme’s Journey

Glance At The Journey Of Responsive Theme

03/16/2012 – Responsive Theme is released created by Emil Uzelac of ThemeID

03/26/2012 – Just 10 days later, reaches 10,000 downloads

04/26/2012 – Crosses 50,000 downloads

05/21/2012 – Thanks to Ulrich Pogson, translations get underway

06/02/2012 – Crosses 100,000 downloads

WPMU features “How Responsive Became the Most Popular Free WordPress Theme in Just 3 Months

07/20/2012 – Translation Support added for 22 languages + WPML multilingual ready

08/15/2012 – Crosses 200,000 downloads

09/11/2012 – Retina (HiDPI) display support added

12/09/2012 – Becomes a parent. First commercial child theme launched – Canonical

12/23/2012 – Translation Support added for 40 languages

12/26/2012 – Crosses 400,000 downloads

02/26/2013 – Crosses 500,000 downloads

CyberChimps’ Inc acquires ThemeID and the ‘Responsive’ WordPress theme

02/28/2013 – Responsive Theme is added to WordPress.com

04/01/2013 – CyberChimps’ releases Responsive Pro – a premium version for Responsive

01/06/2014 – Crosses 1,000,000 downloads

03/16/2014 – Turns Two. Crosses 1,147,509 downloads

02/28/2015 – Crosses 1,681,726 downloads

05/05/2015 – Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. acquires CyberChimps

02/16/2017 – Admin area goes through a complete make-over

03/06/2017 – Child Theme launched especially for blogs – Responsive Blog

04/03/2017 – Child Theme launched especially for business websites – Responsive Business


As you can tell, CyberChimps‘ Responsive Theme has indeed come a long way since it was first launched. And the CyberChimps team has ambitious plans to take it to the next level – their target is reaching 150,000 active installs in the next 6 months. So we’ll probably have to edit this post soon!

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