RegistrationMagic is a powerful WordPress registration plugin that gives you total control of user registrations on your website. It takes care of everything, from visitor registering on your site to gathering his/ her information and post registration tasks. ‘Registration’ has a broad meaning to end users and many people have multi-step processes; the plugin does a neat job of offering meaningful functionality for all types of registrations.

RegistrationMagic has quickly achieved install base of 5000+, receiving great reviews, and crossing 7 extension bundle sales a day.



Like all powerful plugins, RegistrationMagic is more than sum of its parts. It includes a full-fledged Form Creator with Visual Editor, Analytics Section, Users Manager, Submissions Manager, Role Creator, Pricing Section, Email Section and Attachments Manager.

Standard Edition comes free containing almost all major features available under the hood to get you started. Instead of depriving free users of complete plugin components (for attracting freemium market), it takes a different path. Every fundamental feature makes a presence inside Standard Edition, including usually reserved features like external integrations and accepting payments.

This makes the free version capable enough for a large percentage of users. In fact, all features made their debut on Standard Edition before being expanded into freemium territory.

RegistrationMagic is built on multiple innovate solutions. For example, RegistrationMagic comes with its own User Manager that improves upon the default experience in WordPress dashboard. This is to serve as hub for future 3rd Party integrations. Visitors can log into the front-end without a dashboard account using a unique one time password system (OTP).

Every form submission is a separate entity with export and note attachment features. All received attachments can be zipped and downloaded as a single file. There’s also a floating button with slide out panels. It will get you started without any need to edit menus or modify the active theme. The system also allows pre-defined limits for receiving submissions from a single IP thus helping fight spam at granular level. There is a separate section for security features.



But the first thing you’ll notice is the standout admin area interface. Which comes as a pleasant surprise when every next plugin has started to look the same. Considerable time was spent on designing and improving it instead of just slapping on a generic skin. Forms are visualized as cards, offering quick informative previews.

Tables come with filters to retrieve specific data. Attachments can be previewed inside submissions, saving time. Special care went into making icons attractive and inviting. There’s a lot of white space eschewing the monotonous grays of the dashboard. In short, from the very beginning, RegistrationMagic gives the feel that it means business.

You will not only feel refreshed and comfortable while using RegistrationMagic, but also quickly and efficiently locate relevant information. The plugin regularly receives praise for its user friendly and attractive interface.


Finally, there are extensions for those who demand extra. Instead of making you sift through list of extensions with variable build quality or complex pricing schemes, they come packed in two discreet bundles – Silver and Gold.

Above all, RegistrationMagic is always a work in progress like its SaaS brethren. And updates are always exciting as monthly releases bring new features and innovative solutions onboard. Many of these features are directly requested by users, providing it distinctively social flavor.

About David Blaise

David P. Blaise is Community Manager at RegistrationMagic. He’s passionate about WordPress, Baroque music and BBQ. In alter ego, he’s a train buff and amateur watch collector, often slipping into alternate steampunk universes while away from his cubicle.