As an eCommerce store owner, chances are you are not maximizing your profits as much as you can. Sure, you design your website for easy navigation. You publish blog posts with valuable information. You even interact on social media.

But when was the last time you reached out to a current customer, one-on-one, and encouraged them to buy again?

People that have already purchased from you are most likely to purchase from you again in the future.  In fact, loyal customers are often worth up to ten times as much as their original purchase. And, capitalizing on this fact can be as easy as boosting your communication with current customers using WooCommerce’s newest product – Receiptful.

The main concept behind Receiptful is to increase the effectiveness of your communication with current customers via email. And, you do this by including upsells or promotions in these emails. By utilizing an already existing communication channel – email – you market to your customers at the same time you provide them valuable information (such as their purchase receipts).

Here at WP Mayor we have shown you ways to increase revenue via affiliate marketing.  We have also shared our thoughts on the best available eCommerce plugins for your online shop, as well as the top WooCommerce themes supporting the popular WooCommerce plugin.

However, today we are going to show you an even better way to drive revenue using nothing more than what you already have: an email and a customer. Oh, and of course the Receiptful plugin. You need that too!

What is Receiptful?

Receiptful is a free plugin leveraging your email receipts as a marketing opportunity.

Think about it. Every time a customer makes a purchase on your website, you send them a receipt right? This email contains information such as product information, payment details, and a nice ‘Thank you’ message.

And, since most customers are on the lookout for these types of emails to make sure the transaction was completed properly, the open rate is extremely high.

Receiptful takes advantage of these high open rates by ‘supercharging’ every receipt sent out. This way, you can further market your brand and sell your products and services. Doing this not only builds a better, more personalized relationship with your customer, it extends your business beyond that of your eCommerce store for more sales opportunities.

If this still sounds like something you need to start using right away, keep reading to find out about Receiptful’s best features.

Main Features of Receiptful

Receiptful offers online shop owners a whole host of great features to help your eCommerce store succeed. Specifically designed to help eCommerce store owners optimize their receipt emails and increase customer engagement, you can expect things such as:

  • Improved customer relationships.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Standout emails.
  • Increased communication with customers.
  • An opportunity to help customers.
  • Responsive design.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what else Receiptful has to offer.

Easy Setup

Receiptful for WooCommerce - WordPress Plugin

Receiptful is easy to set up and requires very little initial configuration. First create a new account with Receiptful to get started. Once signed up for your free account, look for the API key to connect your store.

Receiptful - Account Setup

Next, install the Receiptful for WooCommerce plugin onto your WordPress website and connect your store to your account. Notice that after activating the plugin there is a link for you to add your API key.

Receiptful - API Key Settings

Now that the API Key is verified, you can start creating your emails.

Receiptful Academy

Receiptful - Receiptful Academy

Receiptful offers an eCommerce Academy to everyone that uses their plugin. Here you will find a number of resources to help you maximize your use of Receiptful:

  • Articles. Learn tips and tricks to make the most of your eCommerce shop.
  • Podcasts. Enjoy weekly podcasts aimed at entrepreneurs like yourself.
  • Hall of Fame. Draw inspiration from some of the most successful eCommerce merchants using Receiptful.
  • E-Book. Subscribe and receive a free e-book showing you how to make more money.
  • Benchmarks. Look at Receiptful’s own data regarding average open, click, and conversion rates.

Email Design and Appearance

Receiptful - Personalized Email Receipts

Receiptful lets you create professional looking emails to send to your most valuable asset – your customers. Easily customize your emails using the drag & drop receipt builder. Choose from a variety of fonts, and add text, images, a company logo, call to action buttons, and even dividers.

Receiptful - Design and Appearance Options

In the end, all of this will impress customers when they open their emails. In addition, it will help with brand recognition since everything is customizable to match your website.

Supercharged Receipts

Receiptful - Upsells

Receiptful opens the door for you to ‘supercharge’ your email receipts and make them powerful marketing tools. For example, this tool will let you add an upsell to any receipt you send out. This is where the increased engagement and sales generate.

Receiptful - Similar Products

For instance, recommend similar products to the ones previously purchased by a customer. More so, offer a discount coupon to be used on a future purchase. Or, include free shipping on a future purchase. These tactics are great ways to incentivize your customers to come back and buy.

Receiptful - Order Discount

Additionally, try implementing the ‘Give Some, Get Some’ method with a Refer-a-Friend offer. This is a great way to convince your loyal customers to spread the word about your great company.

Receiptful - Refer a Friend

Lastly, add information like your blog’s latest post, links to your social media profiles, or even a feedback request to your emails for increased engagement with your customers. Adding these little things to your emails build better connections with existing customers and encourage them to return to your website to make more purchases.

Receiptful - Feedback Option

The great thing about Receiptful is that all of these supercharge options are a part of their free service. There are however, some exceptional features included if you upgrade to Receiptful’s premium plan.

Premium Service Features

If you opt to upgrade to Receiptful’s premium plan, you gain access to some very useful features. For starters, all of your email receipts will lose the Receiptful branding that appears when you use the free plan.

In addition, see what customers are searching for using the advanced Search function that offers results as you type and is built for speed. Plus, you can see how often customers search for particular items and what is ultimately purchased after a search result displays.

Another great feature Receiptful’s premium plan offers is the advanced store and customer analytics data. Get storewide metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value and Average Order Value so that you have an overall idea how your online store is performing. Additionally, customer aimed metrics such as Total Spend amounts and Average Time Between Purchases will help you tweak your marketing efforts for better results.

Abandoned Cart and Follow-up Emails

Receiptful - Abandoned Cart Emails

In addition to re-engaging those with incomplete checkouts, you can use Receiptful’s premium plugin to stay on a customer’s mind long after they make a purchase. This is especially useful when you are competing with all of the other merchants that are vying for your customer’s business.

Increase your communication with existing customers using Receiptful’s automated follow-up emails sent after a purchase is completed. These emails come with unlimited follow-up email templates that can target specific types of customers and are a great marketing tool.

Recommendation Widgets

Receiptful - Recommendation Widgets

In an attempt to extend beyond the reach of your email receipts, Receiptful’s premium plugin allows you to place product recommendation widgets on your product and cart pages to help customers see what else you have to offer. This is an automatic process designed to encourage more purchases.

The widgets are customizable to match your brand, and are powered by intelligent algorithms so recommendations cater to what your customers are most likely to be interested in. Lastly, you can track your widget results in your analytics section to see what works.


Receiptful’s free plan lets you send out fully automated and customized email receipts to every customer that purchases from you. However, if you are interested in additional features such as the abandoned cart and follow-up emails, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan.

The premium plans start at $19 a month and increases incrementally depending on the number of transactions your shop processes each month. For instance, if you have over 50 transactions it will cost you $39/month and for transactions exceeding 100 the cost is $69/month.

Final Recommendations

In the end, Receiptful is a professional looking email service dedicated to boosting your online shop’s revenue. With great options to encourage visitors to make more purchases, as well as helpful tools for improving customer communication, this plugin truly maximizes your marketing efforts.

If you want to build better relationships with your existing customers and capitalize on their loyalty to your brand, consider using the Receiptful plugin. If you want a little more and are really looking to improve your overall marketing campaign, upgrade to the premium plan and see how much more money you start to bring in.

Have you ever used Receiptful as a way to boost sales and build customer relationships? Did you notice a difference in your overall sales? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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