Want to import Instagram photos to WordPress? You spend all that time creating gorgeous Instagram shots for your social profile, so why not repurpose your work for your WordPress site as well?

Or, maybe you want to import photos from someone else’s account – that’s easy, too!

With the plugins I’ll lay out in this post, importing photos from Instagram will only take you a few minutes to set up.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in to some of the best plugins and methods…

1. Use WP RSS Aggregator to Import an Instagram Feed

WP RSS Aggregator lets you import any type of RSS feed into your WordPress site. So how does that tie in with Instagram pictures? Well, it’s actually super simple to create an RSS feed for any public Instagram account’s content.

Then, you can import and style that feed in a number of nifty ways. WP RSS Aggregator already has a detailed post on how to import Instagram content to WordPress, so I won’t dig into the topic too much. Read that post for the details, but if you just want a quick overview of how things function with Instagram and RSS, here’s what to do:

  1. Create an RSS feed for your chosen Instagram profile
  2. Add that feed source to WP RSS Aggregator
  3. Choose how you want to import, style, and categorize your Instagram photos

For example, if you wanted to, you could create a separate WordPress post for every Instagram photo:

How to Import Instagram Photos to WordPress with rss

If you’re interested in using this method, head on over to WP RSS Aggregator to get started.

2. Instagram Feed Plugin

Instagram Feed is a popular free plugin that lets you import your Instagram photos as a gallery on your WordPress site.

Unlike with WP RSS Aggregator, you won’t be able to import Instagram photos as individual WordPress posts. But if all you want to do is showcase a simple gallery of Instagram photos, this plugin works just fine.

Instagram Feed lets you display photos from any public Instagram account. And you can even display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in a single gallery.

In the free version, any Instagram photos will link to the official Instagram site. But if you upgrade to the pro version for $39, you can display your Instagram photos as lightbox galleries or photo carousels.

How to Use the Instagram Feed Plugin

Using Instagram Feed is pretty simple. You first need to install and activate the plugin. Then, you’ll get a new Instagram Feed tab in your sidebar.

You’ll need to first log in and get your Instagram Access Token. Then, you can enter which user IDs to import photos from:

On the next tab, you can customize your feed’s dimensions as well as how many photos to include and how to sort those photos: There are several other smaller customization options, as well:

And then on the Display Your Feed tab, Instagram Feed will give you a shortcode that you can use to add your Instagram feed wherever it’s needed:

And that’s all there is to it!

3. Import Individual Instagram Photos Manually

Ok, this method is not a good idea if you want to import lots of Instagram photos (or if you want to import a constantly updated feed).

But if you just want to import a few individual Instagram photos, Instagram actually lets you generate an embed code that you can use in your WordPress posts and pages.

It’s super simple to use. Just navigate to the Instagram photo you want to embed (make sure you’re doing this on the desktop version of the site). Then, click on the three dots in the bottom right:

You’ll see a new menu pop up which gives you the option to Embed the image:

When you click on Embed, Instagram will generate the embed code. You can also choose whether or not you want to include the caption as part of your embed:

Then, you just need to paste that embed code into the Text tab of the WordPress Editor and you should see your embedded Instagram photo once you publish your post:

Simple! But again, it only works well for individual photos.

4. Instagram Feed WD Plugin

Like the other Instagram Feed plugin, Instagram Feed WD is another popular plugin that helps you import Instagram photos to WordPress.

One unique thing about Instagram Feed WD is that it lets you create Instagram feeds based on hashtags in the free version, whereas the other Instagram Feed plugin locks that feature behind the pro version.

If you purchase the pro version of Instagram Feed WD, you’ll gain the ability to use multiple hashtags or user accounts (or both), as well as conditional filters, themes, and more.

How to Use Instagram Feed WD

Instagram Feed WD is similarly easy to use. Once you install and activate it, you’ll get a new Instagram Feed WD tab.

You’ll first need to authorize the plugin with your Instagram Access Token:

Then, you can choose which photos you want to import, as well as how you’d like to style them, by going to Feeds → Add New:

Then, you just need to grab the shortcode to insert your feed anywhere in your WordPress site:

5. Instagram Slider Widget

Finally, if you just want a quick option to import a slider of your latest Instagram photos, Instagram Slider Widget is a lightweight free option that lets you quickly create a slider of the 12 latest images from any public Instagram user (or the 18 latest images from an Instagram hashtag).

It’s super simple to use. Just install and activate the plugin, then head to Appearance → Widgets and drag over the new Instagram Slider widget. Fill in the fields according to your preferences:

Then, the plugin will generate a shortcode at the bottom of the widget. You can use this shortcode to insert your Instagram Slider anywhere on your site:

Wrapping Things Up

And that’s it! Five quick and simple ways to import Instagram photos into your WordPress site.

If you want to import your Instagram content as individual posts, WP RSS Aggregator is the best solution. But if you just want to create a simple gallery to showcase Instagram photos in a post, page, or your sidebar, then one of the other plugins can help you out, as well.

And finally, if all you want to do is import a single Instagram photo, you’re best off just sticking with Instagram’s built-in embed code. Just don’t try this method for importing your entire Instagram feed!

Now over to you – do you have any tips for using Instagram photos with WordPress?

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