Let me guess, around 80% of your website visitors are from Search Engines right?

Now, did you know that around 70% of these visitors will go no further than the page they land on?

“But I’ve got exceptional content, why won’t they read it?”

Because the attention span of an average web user is minuscule. They search for something, find it, read it and then leave. Although, wouldn’t it be great if some of those visitors turned into customers or loyal subscribers? Essentially, generating leads!

What are Leads, you ask?

A lead is generally the contact information (in some cases much more than that) of an individual or organization. Generating leads helps you build a list, a list of potential customers (or whatever might be your goal).

How do I capture these Leads?

Well, you’re in luck as this article is all about capturing leads on your WordPress site. Throughout this article, we will explore different WordPress plugins that will help capture leads on your website. Leads can be captured in many forms, at many stages. It is essential the check the quality of a lead before you begin marketing to them.

These plugins will help you with the lead gathering part of the process, lead qualifying is out of scope and demands a whole new article. Let’s begin.



OptinMonster is a well known name in the blogger community, this plugin surely precedes their reputation. At the core, it’s a Popup plugin wrapped in genius implementation. You can create high converting optin forms within minutes, something that would take you hours if done manually.

OptinMonster makes use of the exceptional “Exit Intent” technology to track users on your website. Just when they are about to leave your page, this plugin delivers a targeted popup. Something that they claim to have a conversion rate of ~700%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, OptinMonster is capable of much more including A/B testing, advanced page level targeting, E-mail integration and more. Start by installing the plugin: OptinMonster



Sumo (previously SumoMe) has established a name in the website Growth market. With their range of Free and Premium plugins, they’ve gathered a behemoth of recognition. Understandably, they had to be included in this article. Few of their plugins are targeted at lead generation, we’ll cover those.

List Builder

As the name says, this plugin is aimed at list building (process of building a list of email subscribers). List builder is an advanced popup plugin, one that can increase your conversions by several folds.

It has the usual Exit Intent which they refer to as “Smart Mode”. You can put timers to invoke the popups or set up OnClick events to trigger your events. It is completely customizable with a drag & drop interface and comes Mobile ready out of the box.

Welcome Mat

You can guess what this one does. A plugin that displays a full screen Call-to-Action that shows as soon as the visitor lands on your page. You’ve probably seen those types of CTAs on many websites by now, being full screen, there is no chance your visitor is going to miss this.

Scroll Box

Scroll Box is another popup plugin which targets a user based on how far they’ve read your page. This can be used for targeting users when they are at the peak of indulging in your content. Example: Have the plugin pop up right when the reader is on an emotional hook. They’re sure to convert.

Smart Bar

Smart Bar is a floating top or bottom bar on your website, personally I think this takes up too much real estate. But it sure converts like hell. Combine this with a really juicy CTA and watch your list grow.

Checkout their amazing range of plugins: Sumo

Product Enquiry Pro


Product Enquiry Pro offers a unique way of lead generation, it is a plugin designed for WooCommerce.

It captures visitors who are closest to the end goal, Sales. Why else would you be asking for a Quote on a product? Quote? Really?

Yes. Product Enquiry Pro is a plugin that will help you setup up a Quotation system on your e-store. It helps customers interact directly with the seller. They can send an inquiry to the seller. The seller can offer a custom quote on the product, one, which the customer can accept or reject.

It provides a neat dashboard which has the  contact information and other essential details of any customer who has contacted you. Use it wisely.

Checkout Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce



InTrigger does Lead Generation with a strict “No Popups” policy. This is compensated with its feature, which help ultra-target users.

InTrigger helps you create contextual targeting, wherein you can set up several advanced conditions to target a visitor. This is done with the help of Forms and Widgets, which can be easily created within the plugin.

The extent of targeting is unrealistic, take a look at the steps and conditions you can apply.

  1. Scenario creation : Choose from Inline, Popup etc.
  2. Widgets : Select from the predefined widgets. Eg: Email form.
  3. Define scenarios : You can have the widget be displayed to only visitors who match a certain criteria. Eg: Users who have stayed on the page for more than 3 minutes, First time visitors etc.

We have done an in-depth review of the plugin, have a look: InTrigger Plugin – The Smart Conversion Booster

Thrive Leads


Thrive Leads is developed by the same people behind the famous “Thrive Themes”. Largely known for their beautiful Light Boxes, Thrive provides plethora of triggers to invoke your Optins.

Plenty of templates are available to create gorgeous Optin forms and Popups. The User Interface is as simple as it gets, armed with Drag & Drop, Thrive Leads lets you customize every bit of the Popup. You can change the backgrounds, upload new ones, even apply Custom CSS to manually tweak to your heart’s content.

Thrive even lets you A/B test your forms, it is as simple is clicking two buttons. Choose the form you want to test > Click the purple icon to clone it > Make your changes > Start A/B Testing.

It lets you add notes to each test case, name them, and even elect a winner based on the conversion data.

You can checkout the plugin over here: Thrive Leads

Wrapping Up

This was our take on Lead Capture plugins. Leads are the gateway to sustainable business, capturing them is just the first step. You need to nurture your leads and induce a relationship with them for long term business. Let us know which plugin worked wonders for you.

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